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Event organization and renting premises

A multi-purpose hall, conference room and classroom are available for rental at Cubis Business Centre.

Žirovnica Business Zone Žirovnica Business Zone

In the green surroundings of the Žirovnica Municipality, we are building a business zone intended for various activities, which will offer potential investors realistic possibilities for successful entrepreneurship, and particularly for new opportunities in the current economic situation.

What makes Žirovnica Business Zone an excellent choice?

The business zone has a balanced architectural and urban design. It is located in a green and stimulating environment that encourages people towards innovation and creativity.

The land plots inside the zone are equipped with state-of-the-art utilities and technical infrastructure. The public utility infrastructure of the land plots includes the option of connection to the road, water, sewerage system, electricity, telecommunication, gas and natural gas lines.

Building plots can in some parts of the zone be functionally joined together into larger parcels of land, thus allowing the construction of the buildings within the building boundaries over several plots.

The vicinity of a motorway, railway station, two international airports (Brnik and Klagenfurt) and the proximity of the Austrian border are perfect starting points for operating activities on the markets of Central Europe.

The price for a plot of land with the public utility infrastructure is €99/m². The price includes a public utilities charge: the buyers receive a decision issued by the Municipality that confirms the payment of the public utility charge for the land plot in question.

Business zone details:   

  • 22 buildings planned
  • 75,000m² of land
  • 52,000m² of building land
  • 1,000 parking spaces
  • 15,000m² of land anticipated for the expansion of the zone

Planned activities:

  • trade, catering and complementary activities
  • industry, business and repair services
  • logistics, distribution and production
  • other activities

The project is financed by: The project is supported by:  
Sberbank Občina Žirovnica Ooopz Jesenice